Presentations to VIP events

Individual luxury apartments, villas and penthouses in our offer we present to VIP events organized by us or our partners.

Foreign clients

Our expats department specializes in the sale and rental of luxury properties to foreign managers.

Advertising in prestigious magazines

Our luxury properties are presented only in selected media. We are VIP real estate company focused on the luxury real estate.

Database of VIP clients and investors

We own a large database of top executives, investors, developers, owners of large companies, expats, athletes and VIPs who offer and demanded luxury property.

Photo and video from the best photographers

Prestigious properties in our portfolio also professional photographer on the property. We own quadrocopteru and all premium real estate're shooting.

Quality and responsive web remarketing

The presentation of the top real estate using modern targeted marketing. SEO, PPC, remarketing, personal salutation top clients from our database.

Cooperation with our partners

Our partners are focused on selling luxuries apartments and houses, design and architectural studio, which looks affluent clientele. We also cooperate with well-known personalities who own contacts to the richest people in the country.

Personalized events

We plan and implement special event tailor-made for your luxury property. We invite bankable clients who are looking for such a luxury property for sale or rent.

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